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Known Limitations

Performance Sucks! Why can't I send 1000 messages at once?

Probably most of you don't know but telegram api has limitations on the number of requests we can do at once. Sending lots of requests at once is possible if you want your account to keep getting temporary or permanently banned by telegram.

Our bot has the highest performance you can ever get from any bot of this kind

I enable "Process Forward" and now /transformation doesn't work.

This is a known limitation of Telegram API. We can't do anything about it (since its not something broken on our side).

There's a solution to this which you can setup with our bot. Follow the instructions below.

We will use the following Dummy values for showing this setup!
SOURCE: 1238728137
DUMMY_TARGET: 213812387
TARGET: 1230821390

1. First you will need to setup a redirection from your SOURCE chat/user/bot to a dummy channel as TARGET

## Command
/redirection add dummy_setup on 2759205517

## Input
1238728137 - 213812387

2. Now you will setup another redirection using the dummy channel as SOURCE and the chat/user/bot you want the message to end to as TARGET

## Command
/redirection add real_grp on 2759205517

## Input
213812387 - 1230821390

3. After setting both redirections. You will need to use the /settings command. Enable Process Forward for real_grp and your done here.
4. Now if you want to use /transformation, you can just use it with the REDIRECTIONID as dummy_setup

What this setup basically does is processing messages without Process Forward to a dummy channel then you can forward the modified message from there to your actual channel/group/user etc.